#LoveMe Challenge – Day 11


Share a smile


I love to smile. I think a smile can brighten anybody’s day. A smile can comfort, start a conversation, make a new friend, even cheer someone up. It’s a pretty rare thing to see someone smile through the rush hour or when the clouds are grey and brollies tackle the drizzle in central London on a Monday morning but when it does happen, it can truly make someones day. I remember meeting a homeless man and giving him a coffee near Tottenham Court Road, central London, he smiled and said ‘God Bless you’ and that smile absolutely made my day.

So if you feel down, smile at someone, you may feel like a total fool if someone walks straight past – accept it, some people are that way and maybe are just having a rubbish day, if not however, and you find someone smiles back it will make your day!

Becky at Pretty & Petit

3 thoughts on “#LoveMe Challenge – Day 11

  1. I completely agree, I smile at people all the time. If I’m not happy to begin with I am after spreading a few Smiles. Also, this song by Sia from the new Annie film is the last song I listen to every morning before work. It’s so happy and upbeat if you haven’t heard it have a listen.
    Jo xx

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    1. I definitely need to have a listen! I absolutely love upbeat songs and they are a great way to start the day. I’ve also noticed I look through my Pinterest and Instagram feeds first thing which also helps with a positive start to the day. I love to feed my creativity with beautiful imagery so this really helps! Will definitely have a listen of that song.. thank you for the recommendation! xx

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