27. Impossible to Buy For

For those of you who are stuck for ideas on what to buy for loved ones for Christmas this year don’t despair! I have a fabulous business to share with you this week called Impossible to Buy For.

Impossible to Buy For is a website suited to those who are totally stuck for gift ideas for loved ones in the run up for that special occasion be it Christmas, Birthday, Valentines Day etc. Set up by blogger, Louise Croft who owns blog, Pauper to Princess. All of the gifts are supplied by Amazon to provide gifts for literally everyone in your life!

“So many of my friends and family are impossible to buy for, and I knew I couldn’t be the only one feeling this way, so I figured it was time to fix the problem.” – Louise Croft, Founder of Impossibletobuyfor.com

WEB RES louise_croft_founder_2

What I love about Louise’s website is how easy it is to find a gift. What I often find with larger department store websites is that it can take a while to find the perfect gift but this has all the ideas in one place for any budget.

So are you looking for some gift ideas? I’ve put together a few lists for you below for the different people in your life! I hope it provides you with some inspiration!

Gifts for the lady in your life

Kate Spade Watch – £173.50
Pink Lemonade Candle – £12
Bottega Gold Prosecco – £47.99

Gifts for those who love a good book

Invisible Bookshelf – £39.90
Dawn O’Porter Book – £14.99

Gifts for those who love to bake

Macaron Pyramid – £22.81
Mug Cakes Recipes – £3
Retro Waffle Maker – £27.15
Chocolate Brussel Sprouts – £9.95

Gifts for the creative ones

Artistic Clutch Bag – £29.99


Illustrated Map of London – £13.99
Vogue Colouring Book – £7

and of course I have to include my total faves!

LOVE Light – £29.99
Dressing Table – £69.97
Fujifilm Polaroid Camera – £76.49

Do you have any gift ideas? Share them with us in the comments!

Click here to visit the full range of products available.

Becky at Pretty & Petit

Images taken from impossibletobuyfor.com

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