Cornwall Football Golf

If you are looking for a great family day out in Cornwall, Cornwall Football Golf is well worth a visit! You don’t have to be a football fan to have a fantastic time and leave with a smile on your face. The concept is simple, think crazy golf but with footballs. Your aim is to get the football in the hole in as few turns as possible. This is the perfect way to get active and to have fun at the same time!


We arrived just before lunch and entered the clubhouse. We were given the option of the two courses available, Parkland and Hillside. We chose our footballs, ensuring to have a different colour each so we could tell them apart and we headed out to the Hillside course. As you can tell by the name this was the trickier course of the two and much time was spent chasing the ball down the hill! One of the hosts came out and introduced us to the course and the rules of the game before we set off. It was quite busy with families but we didn’t feel held up at all and the game was taken at quite a leisurely pace.


Halfway through the course we were absolutely drenched by a torrential downpour. The rain didn’t stop play however and once the shower had passed we were back on the course. The views were absolutely stunning and the air was so fresh up on the hillside. It was so lovely to be in the middle of the Cornish countryside. We spotted the condensation rising off the course as the warm sunshine provided a steamy scenery for our game.

On completion of our first game and after our penalty shootout(!) we headed back to the clubhouse opted to treat ourselves to £3 cheeseburgers which were so delicious! It was quite a warm day so we chose to stay in the cool whilst we waited for my family to arrive.

After lunch my sister, brother-in-law and eleven year old niece arrived and we headed to the other course, Parkland, which seemed to be more popular with families and larger groups. The Parkland course had a slighter flatter terrain but a few more obstacles were involved! This was perfect for those with families and younger children as it kept everyone entertained and was a challenge for the whole family.

At the end of the game we all made sure to get a photo on the podium (although I’m not sure I was worthy of first place that day!) We had a great time at Cornwall Football Golf and we can only wish more of these spring up across the UK as they make such a perfect day out for the family.


Cornwall Football Golf can be found close to St Austell, only a half hour drive from Newquay, one of the more popular tourist destinations in Cornwall and where we had opted to stay on this occasion. .  Everything about this place, including the staff, food and the activities was great. The football golf itself was fun for all the family, the food and drinks were reasonably priced and it was so easy to get to from wherever you may be staying in Cornwall. We would highly recommend and will definitely return on our next trip to Cornwall!

*This post is not sponsored or gifted. We just loved it!

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