Our Trip to Kingsbridge, Devon

In the Summer of 2019, we had our first experience of an Airbnb here in the UK. “What has taken you so long!” I hear you ask! To be honest every holiday we have taken is usually in a hotel, whether it is a specialist hotel (a bike hotel in Italy for example) or in a fantastic location which is easily accessible to where we need to go. Our holidays are a chance to have a break from real life for a few weeks every Summer. I have so many fantastic memories of holidays and visiting new places!

For the first few nights of our annual holiday in 2019 we opted to stay in what is known as a tiny house on Airbnb. These compact little houses hold everything from a kitchen, bathroom and at least one bedroom. Our tiny house was aptly named ‘The Pod’ which was the sister property of the larger Airbnb “The Bolthole”. It was in an excellent location close to a number of amenities. The properties are located in a residential area and had easy access to the estuary with beautiful views. We chose to filter our search to those of superhosts and we were absolutely delighted with our choice. Our superhost had thought of everything to make our stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Bedroom in The Pod, Kingsbridge, Devon

We chose to stay in the small town of Kingsbridge in Devon which was a lovely little town to stay in. At the time we were there it was the week of the Kingsbridge Festival, which had a number of events taking place throughout the week. There was a fairground by the water’s edge but as the school holidays had not begun, it seemed quite quiet for the few days we were there. It was lovely to walk along the water to a lovely little pub restaurant called The Crabshell Inn. Everyone was sitting outside enjoying drinks as the Summer sun set over the estuary. It was such a lovely view. Apart from the fair there wasn’t much to do in the evenings so we opted to eat late and then head back to the Pod.

A beautiful floral themed ship in Kingsbridge, Devon

Whilst we were staying in Kingsbridge we opted to visit the beautiful local town of Salcombe. It didn’t take long to get there at all. We walked up to the Salcombe Harbour Hotel which had the most gorgeous views! I would definitely opt to stay here for a weekend in future as it has a gorgeous spa as well. I really loved Salcombe – it had a lovely little shopping street and the quayside gave the kids an excellent opportunity to go crabbing! It looked so much fun!

A visit to beautiful Salcombe – crabbing seemed the perfect way to past the time here!

Another local place we visited was Torcross. This had a lovely long beach with the sea on one side and the river on the other. It was very warm on the day that we visited and the beach was busy with tourists. It was lovely to see everyone having fun!

A busy Torcross beach! It was very warm this day although some seemed to dress for Winter!

If you are looking for a property on Airbnb there are several factors to consider. We would definitely recommend going with a superhost as we felt so comfortable and confident with our booking arrangements. Our superhost ensured we had everything for our stay. There are so many different types of properties so keep your options open as you never know you could be staying in a shepherds hut or glamping in a yurt! It is fun to explore different types of accommodation!

Sunset over the Kingsbridge Estuary

For more information on The Pod visit here. For more properties on Airbnb make sure to visit the website.

*The post was not gifted or sponsored. We simply had a fantastic time!

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