Small Businesses and Covid-19

Coronavirus aka Covid-19 has impacted our lives in ways that we never could have imagined. From clapping for keyworkers, queuing for our food shopping to working from home, video conferencing our family, friends and colleagues – our lives have completely changed from just a few months ago. For those with small businesses it has been a particularly challenging time, with many unsure as to how and where to get help and guidance.

I have been a supporter of small businesses for a number of years now and after brainstorming how I could help small businesses at this time I had a lightbulb moment one Thursday morning and The Small Business Directory was created later that day! This list of small businesses located across the UK, enables an additional platform for promotion for a range of fantastic, talented people to demonstrate their skills and continue to build on their businesses further.

Small Business Directory (5)

Along with building the directory, predominantly through Twitter, many small business owners also let me know what they were doing at this time to share support and kindness, so I wanted to share this list below. If you have a small business and are offering something unique to the situation at this time please do let me know and I will ensure you are included on this list below!

If you have a small business and would like to be featured on the Small Business Directory please get in touch by visiting the Contact page.

List of initiatives

  • Abigail Piggins – A furloughed Graphic Designer offering a freebie for small businesses! Draw your logo idea and she can help turn it into a fully realised logo for your business. Don’t worry about drawing skills – it will look unique to your style!
  • Art by Lena – Producing stationery packs
  • A2B Education – Offering education support online to students of all ages
  • Bliss Cleaning – Cleaning doctors surgeries, couple of factories, schools
  • Boogie Monsters – Offering a free family song request video every day at 4pm over on Facebook – entertaining little monsters with their favourite tunes, action songs & nursery rhymes – they choose the set list and give me their crazy lyrics too!
  • Carpet Cleaning Gurus – Commercial cleaners
  • Clavis & Claustra – Offering a personal messaging service for people unable to get to the postbox / post office themselves.
  • Counterpoint HR – Providing HR services on demand and are offering up to an hour free advice to small businesses at this time who want to speak to a professional HR Manager or Director for advice and signposting
  • Crazecards – Providing downloadable teaching resources
  • Create-England – Producing Face Masks
  • Enterprise XD Design – Enter CHEERMEUP in my Etsy store for 20% off!
  • Highland Wolf – Enter ‘MADMAY10’ for 10% discount on this & all Highland Wolf’s own products.
  • KestrelQAS Ltd – Providing RPE and face fit testing for NHS doctors, nurses and dentists
  • Lendrums Driving – Teaching keyworkers and NHS to drive
  • Made by Rachel – Letterbox gifts for people to send their loved ones, pocket hugs and rainbow jewellery – sharing some much needed love, messages of hope and 20% from rainbow designs going to charity! 
  • ManchesterVacs – Supplying commercial Sebo vacuums, bags and accessories to nursing homes and medical facilities including private hospitals and the NHS.
  • Martin Riley – Remotely fixing webcams, microphones, and speakers for home workers
  • Mindstars – Currently finalising our Mindstars Wellbeing Boxes and have a range of other products and projects to follow. working to better children’s mental health across the UK
  • Moon and Sixpence – Producing colourful, humorous and positive mugs and postcards galore!
  • Mrs Hall Makes – Making face masks and wash bags, and donating them to police/carers/nhs etc.
  • Myriad Business Services – Offering free advice to anyone that needs it to help survive the current storm
  • SoleCup – Providing reusable glass travel cups, and are currently offering 25% off for all NHS staff and Essential Workers
  • Spirit Moon Studios – Making gifts and kits to promote self care and happiness
  • Spratt’s Designs – Sending direct to the recipient and including a message
  • Staines Safety Services – Providing fire inspections and training
  • Stan & Gwyn – Making face masks
  • Straker Cleaning – Dropping 500ml spotter bottles, to those that are struggling to keep their carpets & sofas clean until lockdown is lifted
  • The Garden of Change – Offering free half hour coaching and extended sessions at a much reduced rate, in order to make it accessible to as many people as possible.
  • Whispers of Wood – Offering free UK delivery on all items during May.
  • Whoo Hoo Gift Bags – Making laundry bags for care workers
  • WJP Software Limited – Supporting NHS clients
  • Xpressofix Coffee – Fixing people’s bikes so they can stay healthy, active and get to work
Keep safe x
Becky at Pretty & Petit

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