Thank you for your interest in advertising on The Small Business Directory.

Current options include:

  • Banner Advertising
  • Blog Post

Banner Advertising

Please send your banner over to by the 25th of the month at the latest prior to advertising going live.

Specification: 970 x 90 px. in .eps / .jpg format

Featured Top Banner – £10 per month

Section Banner – £5 per month

Sponsored Blog Posts

Sponsored blog posts are posts that appear on my main blog,

They are on average 600 words long and cost £75 per post which includes post promotion for the following week on Twitter and Instagram.

I will send over a template of questions about your business in order to create the blog post approximately 1 month prior to your post going live. You will also have the opportunity of viewing a first draft. 2 to 5 images will be required along with any links you would like to include. Tracking of these links can be provided upon request.

Further Information

If you require any further information please get in contact at